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No force on earth can stop an idea whose time has come. And holistic health care is one such idea. Mattram India, will be offering the best of health care under one roof. The goal of Mattram is to offer holistic health to the people by balancing the art with the science of medicine. It will combine “cure,” the science, with “care,” the art.

People are in dilemma. Extreme commercialization of modern medicine erodes the trust of the people as often it promises more than it delivers. Advances in science and technology have made modern medicine a powerful tool often performing medical miracles. However, powerful tools if not used judiciously, have the potential to cause harm as well. Like all strong forces advances in medical technology should be used with caution and balanced with the immense capacity of the human body to heal itself.

Globally, iatrogenic conditions, which arise due to adverse effects of medical interventions or drugs is a major public health problem. Most doctors working in a corporate hospital environment are under pressure to meet targets for investigations and medical interventions. Costly investigations and surgeries are sometimes done without any clear indication. Lack of trust in doctors and litigations also drive defensive medicine, with serious consequences for patients, doctors and healthcare costs.

Advances in medical technology are also driving the mechanical model of health and disease as the norm. Patients are equated with machines treating one part at a time, not the whole patient. On the other hand, our traditional systems of medicine such as Homeopathy, Ayurveda and Naturopathy have much to offer in the way of holistic care. In chronic conditions and lifestyle diseases which are increasing worldwide both in industrialized and developing societies the traditional systems of medicine, which lay great emphasis on diet, physical activity and lifestyles have much to offer.

No system of healing is complete by itself. While traditional systems have the advantage of approaching the patient holistically, it may fail sometimes to detect medical emergencies or conditions for which modern medicine has an established and safe treatment.

Mattram holistic health centre has consultants from all systems of medicine working as a team under one roof. This will offer holistic health care to the people according to their preferences and choices. This Integrative Health Care is the correct strategy to address the “idea whose time has come,” i.e. holistic health care.